Sunday, March 14, 2010

My girl, Gado :)

Hey everyone! So I wanted to put a couple more pictures up on here of my coworker and friend, Gado. This is her below. She is the dayvolunteer that helps me every day on the dental team. She is just such a blessing and so much fun. She has picked everything up so quickly and already could easily do it all without me. ;) I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to work closely with some of the Togalese people and build relationships. I am having so much fun. I am also learning a little bit of french. Gado is a wonderful teacher! We started by playing hangman with french and english words to pass the time when we were waiting for more instruments to clean. Then I found a french New Testament in the library onboard so now we've been reading out of that throughout the day when we can find time, using my english Bible for cross reference if she is unsure of an english translation to a word. I'm really enjoying it. And all the day vollunteers love it that I'm trying to learn ;) They are also trying to teach me words of Ewei and Mina (I'm pretty sure neither of those are spelled right); it's quite a funny process, there is a lot of laughing involved-- at my expense ;). I just love how God has so many children everywhere and there is such beautiful diversity. I'm falling in love with the people of Togo...

Gado holding a little baby whos mother was one of our patients. We took the liberty of babysitting while she was being treated ;-D Gado also helped me carry this little one on my back all wrapped up with a big piece of cloth, african style. I loved it. I'm determined to master it before I leave. It is so handy, literally-both hands are free to work! I might have to keep this in mind for my own babies some day. ;-p
This is most of the team ;) our African brothers and sisters. from left to right, back to front: Tekko, Dodgie, Delali, Gado, Koffi, Feda, Arnold, Mewoli