Sunday, October 17, 2010

A little bit of Life

Hello everyone!
the last couple months have been pretty uneventful. That's why I haven't written much. But I thought i'd just write anyway. I'm still working in the galley and learning lots there. I've gone out with Comfort, the woman who does hygiene teaching for the dental team. I drive her around to a bunch of schools and then keep statistics and time while she teaches. I've gotten to teach a little myself too. :) that was fun. The kids are adorable and its so fun being with locals and hearing the language. The drives to the school are quite the adrenaline rush too! i love it. lots of hills and mountains some sharp drops on the edge of steep dirt roads. Quite an adventure. I love it :)
My favorite school was called "something-I-can't-remember-or-pronounce primary school and preschool." hehe The teachers were interested in their students and it showed and the kids in turn were vibrant and responsive. Our first class was the preschoolers. That has been one of my favorite experience so far since being here in SA. it was a room full of about 28 preschool kids prolly only 4 years old and under. they were all sitting on the floor, so me and Comfort just joined the circle. As soon as we sat down one of the kids started crying. He was afraid we were there to give injections, because the district school nurse that takes us to these schools only goes to give injections (She does this in classes before or after we teach). But these ones were too young for the injections, still they were afraid it was So cute. So Comfort picked up the kid and sat him in her lap trying to calm him even though he didn't understand her words. He stopped crying quickly and sat contentedly in her lap. right after that one of the little boys to my right began to cry saying he didn't what "jovi" injections. I assured him in broken Zulu that there were no shots "Cha Jovi" (no injections). Then patted my lap and held out my hands to see if he wanted to come. Immediately he sat in my lap and stopped crying. We did the whole teaching each holding a child. It was so fun and these young ones were so interactive and bright. I just loved it. So that has been my favorite experience so far. :)
Besides that we've been excited to find that we are living 45 minutes from Angus Buckam, the farmer/evangelist that wrote Faith Like Potatoes. We've watched the movie here and it was so exciting to see so much we relate to, so much we are living! Several of our people here have visited the church in gray town and even gone to visit Angus' farm. They've met him and talked to him and others from the movie/book. He is headed to London soon for another speaking engagement I believe. We are hoping to have him here to speak to us at some point before we leave.
A couple weekends ago we did a small community service project. The church across the street from our campus is looking for a new pastor as it is growing so much. So we offered to help them fix up the parsonage if they could raise the money for paint and materials. So a couple Saturdays ago a few of us spent the morning painting. There is still a lot of work to do, but we used up all the paint they had. So perhaps we'll be back over there at some point. :) It was fun.
Life here is pretty chill. We are at least an hour and a half from the nearest large city, so there is not a whole lot to do outside of our campus. I've been doing a lot of reading, enjoying some great books like The Atonement Child -Francine Rivers; Tuesdays with Morrie (forget the authors name); and right now i'm reading a book by the author of Blue like Jazz, Can't remember the name of the book (something about a road trip). Also I've become addicted to gilmore girls :-p hehe. and besides that I've just been enjoying the beauty of nature around here, enjoying spending afternoons walking around campus or finding a nice spot to read in the sun. Though lately its been pretty cold and rainy for the most part, which is good I suppose because everyone has been praying for rain. The people need it. God is pretty awesome with all he's made and how much he loves us. :)
We've also been to the beach a few times, they have some beautiful beaches with these big rocks to climb around on in the surf. Very exciting :) I attached some random pictures below. Enjoy!

Enoch, Danae, and I at the beach. :)
Look at the view! :)
These circle houses are what the Zulus build around here. There is this superstition about a little man or spirit or something that hides in corners; so they believe it so strongly I guess it resulted in the tradition of building round houses so he has nowhere to hide.

This is looking in the direction of the road down to our campus where we live. The campus itself is seen if you look a little further than the picture to the left.

It is just So gorgeous here. It is definitely one of the most naturally beautiful and diverse places I've been to.
One of the beaches.

the edge of a tide pool. They are everywhere and so cool!
Me and Megan at the beach.
This is how foggy it gets sometimes here. And it gets as cold as it looks :S Buurrrr.