Sunday, August 8, 2010

Packed up!

The Dental clinic is officially packed up! The building is cleaned and locked and everything thing is packed in a big blue container. We will be sailing in about a week! Pack-up and cleanup went quicker than we thought it would and it was really a lot of fun. Here are some random pictures of us being silly in the process and then also some from the last days we were open. Please keep us in prayer as we prepare for the sail. Pray that it will be smooth sailing and we won't hit really ruff water. Also please pray that I won't get sea sick! Thanks! hope you are all well. :)
Dodgi decided that mop head is the new best hair style :-p hehe
This is my room after everything is packed up. Now just fold up the tables and CLEAN! :)
Everything is packed--To the ceiling! It was quite the puzzle fitting it all in. But We are done! After this picture we closed the doors and locked it until South Africa.
One of the pictures we took at our goodbye part for the day volunteers. Gado, Me, and Feda
I'm Togalese! :-p hehe That's using your head.
and again... ;-p
I got distracted from packing up. We weren't using this plastic so I saw an opportunity for fun ;-p hehe
Having fun